The Sleep Shirt

The Sleep Shirt is a Canadian company that makes good-looking, comfortable sleepwear that’s produced locally and ethically. Based in Vancouver and designed in Canada and Sweden, The Sleep Shirt is best known for its classic, contemporary, nightwear made from high quality cottons and linens. Sleepwear for ladies tends to be all about sexy, silky sleepwear and traditional pyjama sets – we are offering a chic, good quality, practical alternative.

Founded by Alexandra Suhner Isenberg, a Canadian living in Sweden, The Sleep Shirt is made for women who don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort.


Tried and tested by both sic nighearly risers and night owls, The Sleep Shirt brings comfort back to everyday life. The classic nightshirt was originally made for the bedroom, but is now a brand that can be worn at home, out and about, and even on the beach. Whether at a chalet in the mountains, a hut on the beach, the most glamourous of hotels, or a little apartment building, The Sleep Shirt makes sleeping better. We are about high-quality, contemporary sleepwear, produced in Canada and made with care. We hope you sleep well.