Norma Beaucage appreciates that timeless, European flair: the natural, effortless beauty we see captured in movies or in women walking down a Parisian sidewalk. What they strive for in their boutique is to give you this same sense of confidence and personal satisfaction.

La Jolie Madame offers discerning women of all sizes, a highly curated selection of Europe’s finest lingerie by experts in intimate apparel. We served our first customer in 1971 and the legacy established by our inviting, coveted, boutique is carrying exceptional product and providing excellent service.

In today’s world of mass production most are used to contorting ourselves to fit what is on the hanger. The timeless craft of tailored garments and the look, feel and fit bestowed on the wearer are too often a perk of the past. When you have something that fits properly it makes you feel better, your clothes fit better, you have more confidence…it really is amazing what simply even a beautiful bra will do for you. The same goes for all intimate apparel and sleepwear – how a piece looks on the hanger or the model is insignificant when compared to how it feels on the skin of its wearer and how it moves and breathes when worn. Our philosophy is clear when looking through the wide selection of natural fibers, full spectrum of available sizes and the personalized care each of our customers receive. We help you find the perfect piece.

Celebrating a woman’s sense of her own unique beauty by adorning it with lovely lingerie is a daily reminder that she is the source of her own radiance. La Jolie Madame has built our business on this belief and nearly five decades later, we continue to see the evidence of its truth on the faces of our satisfied clientele.

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At La Jolie Madame, beauty starts with the perfect fit and it carries you through the day in total confidence.

We provide exquisite garments made with the finest lace work and purest of silks. This is the West Coast's premiere boutique for imported, European lingerie. Our staff are expertly trained in bra fittings and garment sizing. We are extremely pleased to help women of any size feel incredible in what they wear. Our extensive brand list offers camisoles, bras, signature night wear and accessories. The styling and comfort available in this boutique appeals to women who appreciate the look and feel of high quality under garments and sleep wear.